Sophia Contemporary presents a solo pop up show of Venezuelan-born artist Hermann Mejia

Mejia’s (b. 1974) paintings dissolve scenes of daily life into dynamic compositions by blending elements of figuration and abstraction. Inspired by the striking landscape of his native country Venezuela, as well as the urban jungle of New York where he resides, Mejia distorts, deconstructs and abstracts figurative elements through his broad colourful and gestural brushstrokes. Blending elements of street art, cartoon illustration and contemporary abstraction, the artist alters the perception of reality through the prism of painterly illusion. Figurative shapes, faces and bodies evaporate, implode and fragment to create a whole where the referent object is not always visible at first sight. Only through careful consideration of the disparate elements can the eye of the viewer make sense of the subject matter beneath the abstract composition.

The solo exhibition takes place within ‘Shifting Landscapes’, the current group show of contemporary American artists exploring abstraction through painting, photography and sculpture. Featuring six artists – Afruz Amighi, Iva Gueorguieva, Herman Mejia, Amir Nikravan, Holton Rower and Hannah Whitaker – the exhibition reflects on the evolving nature of American art. Casting a light on the diversity of contemporary approaches to abstraction, the works explore the artists’ impact on the landscape of art and American culture, across generations and disciplines.

Hermann Mejía |

Instagram: @hermannmejia | Twitter: @HermannMejia